Best posts

Here are some of my posts that either generated lots of attention, or that I like best:

How to Simply and Effectively Communicate Ideas

Cognitive Simplicity – Make the Complex Simpler, Part II – Removing Obstacles to Action

Effective Non-Profit Messages – Screw the Polar Bears: How to Effectively Frame “Greater Good” Messages

Making Emotional Connections With Users – Why Songza Brilliantly “Gets” Its Users

The Power of Storytelling – Make the Complex Simpler, Part I – Storytelling


*** How to Become a Real Entrepreneur – 5 Things That Don’t Make You An Entrepreneur (and 5 Things That Do)  (FEATURED IN STARTUPDIGEST)

How (Not) to Communicate Difficult Business Situations

Honesty works better. Period. –  Marissa Mayer: An Avoidable Yahoo PR Disaster?

Take control of the difficult aspects of your product/service – don’t try to bury them – Why is Google Glass Already a Marketing Disaster?



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