My latest article in GigaOM

16 Sep

It’s been quite the week on the Kosher Bacon Blog

First, my article, “5 Things That Don’t Make You An Entrepreneur (and 5 Things That Do)” was picked up by StartupDigest, and subsequently received an incredible number of page views, retweets and mentions as a result.  I’m very grateful for all the support and feedback the article received.

Next, a different article I wrote was just published by one of the top tech publications, GigaOM.  The article, “Enterprises find some valuable (and kinda awesome) uses for employees’ smartphones” lays out part of our vision for Zenput and enterprise mobility generally.

Our goal with the article isn’t so much to generate business directly (although that’s always a nice side-effect), but rather to start a conversation in an area of tech that’s ready to explode in growth.  Hopefully we can develop some thought leadership in the space. I’ll probably write more about this strategy in the future, why we think it’s necessary/useful, and its results.  But for now, please read the article and let me know your thoughts!


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