Some Viral Magic to Warm the Heart on a Monday

13 May

Why a guy pumping gas became an online sensation

I’ve been writing some long and serious posts recently on effective communications strategies, and have even been called out on Twitter as an “attention seeker” as a result (apparently I hit a nerve by daring to criticize Google :-)).  So maybe it’s time for a quick hiatus from the heavy-hitting stuff, and time just to sit back and enjoy.

I plan to explore in more detail why things go viral.  There’s a terrific book by Jonah Lehrer called Contagious: Why Things Catch On that’s on my reading list.   But it’s clear that some of the things that made the video below go viral so quickly are (1) its spontaneity and the fact you just can’t manufacture something like this; (2) the guy’s authenticity; (3) his (and his wife’s) unquestioning willingness just to put everything out there.

It becomes clear that even though they initially started singing to get a free tank of gas, they end up doing it just because that’s who they are and they want to have a good time.  You just can’t make that up.  Enjoy!

and here’s them on Jay Leno


One Response to “Some Viral Magic to Warm the Heart on a Monday”

  1. marshalp2013 May 14, 2013 at 2:07 am #

    This made my day! I had not seen it previously (nose to the grindstone, as usual) — so thanks for brightening my evening. This couple makes you wish they were your next door neighbors!

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